Are your disposable e-cigarettes legally compliant?

The Cantonal Laboratory of Basel-Stadt has tested 32 disposable e-cigarettes for compliance with food and chemicals legislation. All samples had at least one deviation from the legal requirements.

 We support you in ensuring the conformity of your e-cigarettes.

The challenge of bringing legally compliant disposable e-cigarettes onto the market is to comply with the wide range of ordinances and regulations to which this product is subject. In addition to the CLP Tobacco Regulation (Regulation (EC) No. 1272/2008) and the LGV (Foodstuffs and Utility Articles Regulation), the labeling of electronic devices must also be complied with due to the use of batteries.

In addition to determining the nicotine content, ingredients and fragrances, the SQTS also offers to check the labeling and documents in order to clarify conformity.  

Let us advise you and request an individual offer.

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