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Food contact materials / packaging / consumer goods

Decades of FCM experience
SQTS offers tailor-made solutions for food contact materials based on very broad-based analytics and decades of experience.
Food contact materials / Consumer goods packaging

Packaging is as important as content

Testing of packaging is as important as the good quality of the food itself. We offer various tailor-made options to ensure the safety of your packaging systems. With the help of simulants, the storage conditions of food in the packaging are simulated in a shortened time and then analyzed on a chemical level by means of GC- and LC-MS. It is possible to test non-specifically (screening) or specifically for substances (target). After the measurements, the values are compared with valid legal requirements and reported. At the end our customers receive a complete report about the performed analyses and an evaluation of the product.

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Overview of Food Contact Materials (FCM) testing
Microbiological testing

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